Cloud Curator ... is proposing an online galley for new media works with a social objective to bring works using new media to fresh public audiences who don’t ordinarily engage with public art. The understanding of pubic art is ‘work’ that involves or engages the public in its’ creation, as the principal target audience, is ‘open source’ or under public ownership, has been produced using public funding and is freely accessible to the public or within the public realm. Yet this content is messy and untargeted and poor use of a broad public collection of works where there is increasingly new media works that are temporary and / or virtual ... The proposal is to establish a Community Interest Company with a statement of community interest in the collection and promotion of new media works within the public collection. This requires a ‘new curator’ to edit and promote the work – for both the benefit of the public sector commissioners [reporting on national indicator 011 on engagement in the arts], collectors and for the artists working with new media. This understands the point of art as a form of communication of ideas and the city as a gallery. In a similar way to a gallery, the cloud curator would be supporting themed collections of ideas where the collection becomes an extension of the visitor attractions of the place and the existing public galleries.The role of the curator is to add ‘social’ value in the locating, analysing, editing, repackaging and promoting collections, creating city based / guide tours ... we are seeking support to generate the initial smart content that would be place specific . This would be edited into a community curated collections or as part of live market testing – to develop and alpha and beta version. The site would facilitate  public involvement in a place-based collection ... the range of suitable outputs and services will include … a series of education pacts, city-based guides, printed or usb collections [a.k.a. artpods], screen savers or with linked advertising; repackaged collections for ‘gift shop’ and tourist information shops; self curated set of works based on ‘people who liked this also liked … ‘; specific ‘Branding Gallery’ to support new commissions ... it will be linked to an online ‘Visitorbook’ with recording of qualitative views as well as visitor numbers to virtual and real gallery spaces and public art collections – selling analysis reports to city clients. Additional analysis and feedback can be provided as part of a policy development role for commissioning bodies. There is a specific target on creating a long term ‘public’ legacy for temporary, virtual, lighting, non-commissioned, r&d ‘alpha’ paper schemes and decommissioned work by capturing content as bespoke commissions arsing out of new temp works ... income identified from philanthropic business organisations [tax deductible] corporate ‘ethical’ and trust targeted at funding for education and outreach. Other income generated from annual membership, one-off visit to gallery and on line gift shop. Supported by data / content capturing commissions.

Seeking-a-commission project. This work by Studio13Baltic39 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Copyright 2015.